Eclipse, Copernic, and Baltacci:

Remodeling balloons:

BALT designed a complete range of compliant occlusion balloons to fit to any aneurysm either sidewall, terminal or bifurcation aneurysm during remodeling techniques. Our range consists in 3 types of occlusion balloons: COPERNIC, ECLIPSE and BALTACCIB1/B2. Both COPERNIC and ECLIPSE are compatible with our 300cm .012" HYBRID guide wire. For exchange maneuver – HYBRID0.12D300.

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Flow dependant micro catheter

The MAGIC catheters are the only real flow dependant catheters, meaning that their progression through the arteries system is facilitated by the blood flow. This characteristic is achieved thanks to an extreme suppleness of the PUR SIL tubes which allows a fast and non traumatic progression of the catheter inside the blood vessels. It was actually this remarkable property of the catheter that led the users to naming it “MAGIC”.

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Silk Complete Solution:

Balt offers a complete solution for Silk implantation:

  • IVA7F80 - Long introducer sheath for better proximal support.
  • Fargo/Fargomax - Braided distal guiding catheter with super supple distal tip.
  • Vasco plus - Micro braided delivery catheter for Silk and Leo+.
  • Silk
  • ...and Leo+, if needed.
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Artery reconstruction system- a flow diverter

The Silk artery reconstruction device system allows for the innovative treatment of intracranial aneurysms. Owing to its high density braiding, Silk promotes efficient and positive flow changes.

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Leo +:

Self Expanding intracranial stent

Next generation self expending intracranial stent.

The self-expanding LEO PLUS intracranial stent is designed specifically for the reconstruction of wide-necked post-carotid siphon aneurysms. Unlike open - or closed-cell stents, it is made of very fine, braided nitinol wires that slide smoothly onto each other when the stent is bent or compressed, even in acute angles. The advantage of the LEO PLUS is that ultra-fine sliding braided wires cannot form a jagged prolapse at the convexity or crimp in the concavity when bent at an angle.

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Flow dependant braided micro catheter

BALT SONIC maintains the qualities of the Magic catheter with a strong resistance to pressure and total DMSO compatibility. What is more, the SONIC is equipped with the patented system “FuseCath”, which allows its distal part to be detached should it get trapped in the embolisation product.

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Neurovascular intervention is the use of minimally-invasive endovascular techniques to treat vascular diseases of the brain. Physicians who perform these procedures receive highly specialized training in interventional neuroradiology and/or endovascular neurosurgery.

We offer advanced solutions for the treatments
of the following brain diseases:

Intracerebral AVMs and AV Fistulas
Intracerebral aneurysms
Inntracranial stenosis
Ischemic stroke and intracerbral thrombus
And more…

We are the exclusive distributor for Balt extrusion.